My heart is always full of worries

My heart is always full of worries about the strength of my faith in God, it is not as easy as it might look to others. Is easy to follow Christ through the mouth than our heart because some times or many times we take the little iniquities we commit for granted and thinking we can getaway with it.

God created everything in this world

God created everything in this world including everything within it both living with the non living, so there is no point in hiding from someone who created us and in his own image with likeness. My soul learn to praise God always because he is the author also finisher of my faith, Jesus is the only one yesterday, today will be tomorrow.

The wise men always knows that there is no fact about the truth, it can only be denied not avoid. So hear all nation the lord God is one, Christ is the proven way to the father. Many have tried to do what he had done but failed

Yet With Christ we are married, for better or for worse through sickness or in health, through faith and through questions, till death brings us closer you are mine, am yours forever.

Few soul always cry out for the lord knowing that my help will only comes through Jesus, who is the captain of my life. Help me lord to stand out in this world, Where there is hatred let me bring your love to your true followers. let me bring hope Where there is darkness, only light And where there’s sadness only joy, for that will produce peace among believers. Give me grace to hang on to my dreams, when opportunities does not knock on my door help me build a friendly door. Finally hoping for a heart to love my neighbor as my self.