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God is good and a refuge in time of trouble

God is good and a refuge in time of trouble

There are many bible verses that encourage readers differently, they were written to offer guidance to people and show them the right way. God speaks to his people through his word, those who trust him get nourishment of their souls from his word. As a believer in the Lord who believes in the bible, the writer has many favorite verses but the most favorite is Nahum 1:7, it says that God is good, a refuge in time of trouble and he takes care to those who trust in him. This Bible verse forms the basis of this discussion, to look at the meaning in detail and describe why it is the favorite to the writer.

God's goodness is not comparable, his

God’s goodness is not comparable, his goodness and mercies are eternal, he loves all mankind despite their flaws. The holy book demonstrates his everlasting love and this give hope to his people. Understanding his goodness despite our trespasses makes us obey him more and have hope for a better future. Trouble may come our way, but he is a refuge when it comes. God is always with us and fights our battles, all we need is to obey him and cast all our burdens to him. When bad time comes our way, he will shield us from all trouble because he is our refuge and a strong tower.

God is good and a refuge in time of trouble

What God requires of us is just to obey him always, just as Jesus was telling his disciples they if they remain in him and his word in them, they would get whatever they ask. The secret to attract God’s favor and care is to be obedient to him. We need him to walk with is and fight our battles but if we don’t trust in him it would be hard. Those who expect him to be good to them and be their refuge must go a step further to trust him fully and obey what he commands.

It is outlined well in this verse of God’s responsibility and our duty, the whole duty of man is to obey God. The verse encourages and gives hope, if one is discouraged and have burdens, there is hope that our maker will take care of us. We are also encouraged that he is good, despite hard times we go through it is good to note that his goodness cannot be matched by anything. Our duty is to trust him and remain in him, detaching from him would bring more harm than good to us.

Nahum wrote the writer’s most favorite which provides a fact about God, his responsibility to us and set a condition to us to perform to achieve what he promised. On our side, the responsibility is not a hard task to undertake. We were created by the Lord and should live as children of the most high who controls the universe. Whatever we need is readily available and he is willing to provide, his word is true and can be trusted because he cannot lie. He will give us what we ask if we are ready to obey him.

The difference between a verse and a feature

The difference between a verse and a feature.

A verse is a single metrical line in a poetic composition that is aligned in a logical way. They are arranged in an orderly manner such that they one appear after another one. When there are many versions that are on one part they form a collection of lines and this will be averse. On the other hand, a feature is a distinctive article that is about a particular topic. It is a form of many words that give the meaning or the reader can understand what it is about. They are on its top-notch of passing the info to a group that the message is targeting them.

When talking about verses, you will

When talking about verses, you will get to know that they form certain short paragraphs which are informed of a song or poem. Poets use verses when composing their work to their audience or group of certain people. They find it relevant to present and get out the basic rules that will be of this sense. To get it right, some words are used to form them. A feature does not need to have chosen of words, any word can be used as long as it makes sense. Passing information is what is needed to drive the intended point home.

On the allegations, a verse is

On the allegations, a verse is more of some writing rules. There are protocols that should be followed to get to where a verse is needed. For instance, the use of words that has rhythmic sense is counted as a component. This is to bring the entertaining factor from them and perhaps align with the targeted audiences The culture of learning to read or pass out info from them are arts. They have to be on topics that are selected or matched with a particular group. To reinforce them, they are done with other arts of the same genre.

The difference between a verse and a feature

A feature like a story written down needs to range between the correspondents and the formers. There are no stringent rules that govern the writing of features. An accomplishment is what is needed more and driven to the way they can be read easily. There is no need for rules that hinders flowing of words to make a sentence. Such sentences will form paragraphs and to get them right is that they should not be on the fleek of bringing errors of word flow. There will be a rare occasion that both will align in this version in either way.

Ability to form verses depends on the way they are summoned in a page. The basic knowledge that is in the rate of having multiple information is not commonly used. Verses often pass a piece of single information. There are those that talk about religious matters then it means it will portray a single notion like faith for example. A whole flow will stick on such themes till the end of the content which is the best thing as in the way of a fact. Having to have conveyed this way is a plan that is good for the prospects of going to maintaining the context of the verse.

With the managing side of the feature, just lines will form paragraphs and those lines will be related to several topics. Hoping to gain a single theme will be a rare thing to expect here. There will be covering of consistent rates and ability to gain them is such a minimal thing that is perhaps will trigger the flow of contents that contain multiple subjects. This ability will be dependent on the rate of talking with the rare value that is minimal to grasp gauge.

Features some times form a newspaper or a magazine that is published on a daily or on weekly basis. This is a way the roaming of the fleek is to get the way that is with the rate of wishing more roles in the context. To grasp this, they are with the main role of managing the way a full version of books is published. Wen reaping this rate, it means that verses will not apply here. This is due to the nature of the citations that transform the lines forming a verse be with the absolute artistic nature. The reason verses don’t bear to be published with the frequent rate is mainly because of the way they are composed.