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Bible Exercise/Plan For Beginners

Bible Exercise/Plan For Beginners

Bible exercise/plan is a way of spiritual exercise that strengthens your faith. A proper Bible plan exposes you to more knowledge in the bible. Anyone could start reading the bible, and with the proper plan, gain vast knowledge about God’s word. The exercise may depend on the choice of the individual, depending on what you want to learn from the bible. If you have difficulty in praising God, then the Psalms would be a good start but if you just want to properly and thoroughly read the bible inside out to fully understand it, then a plan needs to be developed.

You would start at the beginning

You would start at the beginning obviously, the moment of creation, in the book of genesis. There you can read about creation of life, God’s power, the curse God placed on man and learn more about the faith of Abraham. The book of genesis is a wide book and contains lots of information, much time should be spent on this book to understand God’s purpose of creating man. After reading the book of genesis, more reading should take place in other books of the Old Testament. Job is another fascinating book in the bible, it contains the life of Job, one of the most faithful men in his generation. It teaches us that we should have faith in times of trials and persecution and always trust in God. If you’re struggling with faith, your bible exercise should be based mainly on Job.

Bible Exercise/Plan For Beginners

The Psalms of David consists of different Psalms and prayers made by David to worship God. It talks about the faithfulness, mercy and power of God. The book contains over 190 chapters and you could read six chapters every day for one month. If you want to base your bible exercise or plan on praise and worship, this book is ideal. There are also various other books in the bible that teaches the actions of different godly characters such as Isaiah, Samuel, Elijah, Ruth and others. From the Old Testament, you can learn the various practices of old and the mistakes they made so that you avoid making them.

New Testament consists of the birth and death of Jesus Christ, the revelations God made to John, the stop of sacrificing of animals like in the Old days. It gives a detailed description of Jesus’s life on earth before his ascension. The New Testament contains all the miracles he made, all the persecutions he faced, the people he preached to and the moment he chose his twelve disciples and his death. To learn about the life of Jesus, carefully read the New Testament thoroughly for better understanding.

If you are struggling in a particular place in your spiritual life then your bible plan/exercise should de developed in a way to fix that. Discover what problem you are facing and find out what book in the bible it was discussed and read that passage well. But for better understanding of the bible you could just make a daily plan where you read specific passages the bible every day and meditate on it deeply.